You Know Thats Funny!


A man has a stuttering problem, and has had it all of his life.

He consults every Speech Therapist and Vocalist he can find, and after trying every exercise and treatment they recommend, he still has the stutter.

Finally, out of desperation he consults a well known Surgeon to see if perhaps he could cure the problem.

After a thorough examination the Surgeon tells him, “I’ve found your problem, and there is a surgical cure.”

Elated the man ask, “W-w-w-w-hat  i-i-i-i-s  t-t-t-t-he p-p-p-p-roblem?”

The Surgeon replys, “It’s your penis. It’s just over 12 inches long, and the weight is putting a strain on your vocal cords thus causing your stutter.”

“W-w-w-w-hat’s t-t-t-t-he c-c-c-c-ure?”

“With a new procedure that I’ve discovered, I will remove six inches of the length. You will not lose any sensitivity, or functionality, and the reduction in weight will relieve the stress on your vocal cords and clear your speech.”

The man thinks about it, and eager to cure his stutter, agrees to the operation.  The operation is a complete success, no scarring, no loss of sensation, and his stutter is gone!

Several months pass, and the man calls the Surgeons office, “Doc, I’ve got to tell you that things didn’t exactly work out how I expected.  While my speech is now clear, my life is a disaster. Before the operation, I had more women than I could handle. Since I had the 6 inches removed, all my girlfriends have dumped me, I can’t seem to meet anyone new, and although the “equipment” works just fine, I never get to use it. I think I want the 6 inches back.”

Not hearing a response he repeats himself, “Hey Doc! Didn’t you hear me? I want my 6 inches back!”

Finally the Surgeon responds, “F-f-f-uck y-y-y-y-ou c-c-c-c-an’t b-b-b-be d-d-d-d-one!”
You know that's funny!
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