You Know Thats Funny!


A man walks into a bank, and after waiting for 20 minutes in line, he goes straight to a customer service representative and says,

"Hey, lady, I got this here check for deposit and I'll be goddamned if I am going to wait my ass in line anymore."

"Please Sir", says the woman. "I won't have that kind of language in this bank."

"Well excuse me, but this fuckin' check ain't drawing any goddamned interest with you yappin' away about my language."

"Sir, I don't have to take this abuse" she says.

"Well then get the fuckin' manager? I mean what kind of bullshit is this, I don’t have to take shit from you?"

The manager is summoned, and says "What seems to be the problem?"

The woman says, "This man is using vulgar language and I won't stand for it."
The manager says, "Sir, can you please explain yourself?"

The man says, "For Christ’s sake all I'm trying to do in this goddamned bank  is deposit a fuckin' check for 15 million dollars."

The manager looks at the check and then looks at the man and says,
 "And this fuckin' bitch won't help you?"
You know that's funny!
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