You Know Thats Funny!

Accountant for the Mob
There was this man that was an accountant for the mob.
He also happened to be both deaf and mute.
While working for the mob, he managed steal $5,000,000
by skimming just a little here and there from the books.
The mob boss eventually finds out about this, and sends two hitmen to his house.
Since the accountant is both deaf and mute, the hitmen take his Secretary along to translate for them.
The first hitman ask, "Where's the money?"
The secretary signs to the accountant.
The accountant signs back.
The secretary replies, "He says he doesn't know."
The second hitman says, "Tell us where the money is, or we'll castrate you, kill your wife and kids, burn your house down, then kill you."
The Secretary signs to the accountant.
The accountant signs fast and furiously that the money is in a safe hidden in the floorboards of his closet, and gives the combination.
The first hitman ask, "Well...what did he say?"
The Secretary replies, "He said Fuck you two assholes...ya dont have the balls!"
You know that's funny!

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